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HOME AUTOMATION / HOME CONTROL / SMART HOME: Call it what you like, it’s all about “Going Green”. This has now become the standard, and at the forefront of the home building industry. Rapid growth in the green products industry has enabled the Smart Home to truly be Smarter than ever before. Think of it this way; Automation = Efficiency.

Almost every home appliance manufacture is building their appliances with home control in mind. Lighting, heating, air conditioning, alarm, door access, surveillance, and much more are all accessible from one central panel, remotely via the internet, or from your mobile device.

Although the concept of the “Smart Home” has been around for years, recent advances have made integrating these products a breeze. Once your settings are stored they will consistently be controlled automatically. No Fear though, you can always override and operate your appliances manually, just as you always have.

There can even be “scene settings” to quickly allow multiple changes with the push of a single preset. “Party Mode” for instance, might set your house music station to smooth jazz, turn on the driveway entrance lights, dim the interior lighting for that cozy mood while getting the Jacuzzi up and running to a comfortable temperature. Why run around the house shutting every thing down when they leave? Press the “Bed Time” setting and call it a night!

Having this easy and constant control of your home appliances ensures this efficiency by saving you time and money.