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If you have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, Dial 631-INSTALL will provide you with a FREE Home Evaluation of your Audio/Video Systems, and Low-Voltage Wiring Infrastructure.

Additionally, we are currently applying a 20% Discount on all labor costs related to any Audio/Video installation required as a result of Hurricane Sandy when scheduled on or before May 1st, 2013

For over 20 years Dial 631-INSTALL has been providing long islanders with sound advice and professionally installed TV’s, home theaters, and AV systems with over 5,000 satisfied customers, and a 100% rating from Dun & Bradstreet. We are humbled by our long standing successes and stand dedicated to giving back to our community by helping our local friends and family during this recovery effort.

Weather you are at the beginning, middle or nearing the end of your home renovation, our FREE Home Evaluation may still prove helpful, and save you time and money on the spot or down the road.

So contact us today, and let us show you The Install Advantage!

Best Regards,


Mark Mulé